"Customer Satisfaction is not merely a company objective, but a REALITY at Zamar Media Solutions -- based on our experience with two projects recently."
-John Chen, Deacon of Asset Management
 Mountain View Chinese Christian Church

"Zamar Media has been super attentive to our needs whether it's installing new gear or fixing old gear. Their knowledge of new products helps us find the best tool for our specific applications at a price point that is feasible for our church."
- Mark Averill, Westgate Church

"We are very satisfied with the full service we have received from Zamar Media."
- Jimmy Zien, Home Church

"Zamar Media was easy to work with and we got the sound we were looking for."
- Dave Cullins, Central Christian Church

"They solved both our audio and acoustic problems."
- Pastor Bob Obert, Valley Vineyard

"We don't know anything about pro-audio but with Zamar Media we don't have to!"
- Pastor Steve Converse, Grace Bible Church