Mix Class / Workshop

Mix Class / Workshop

This all-day workshop puts 20 students behind mixing consoles so they can practice each new skill as they learn it, using our unique custom-designed live-mix simulation system. Beginners and intermediates alike will benefit - we customize the instruction to accommodate multiple skill levels in the same class.

When: January 13, 2018

Where: 138 Martinvale Lane, San Jose CA, 95119

Cost: $215 per person, $200 for 3 or more from the same church.

Worship leaders and tech directors all over Northern California consistently tell us that their sound people come back more confident, more skilled, and better able to serve after completing our course. In fact, we're humbled to report that in several local churches, new volunteers must complete our course before being scheduled to serve on the sound team.

When grads were asked if they would recommend it to others, 100% of those responding answered with an enthusiastic "Yes!"

Class Outline

Please Call (408) 226-4323 to register or for more information on the workshop.